Octopus on Rocks Beach Happy Father's Day Card

Octopus and Rocks Beach Happy Father's Day Card
Octopus and Rocks Beach Happy Father's Day Card

This beach themed Happy Father's Day card features an octopus on rocks.  It's perfect for any beach loving dad.  The inside greeting reads ~ With every passing year you become more dear to me...  It can easily be modified to read as you wish.  This design is also available on over sized cards and gifts.  To view the entire collection, take a look at the site Octopus Beach Happy Father's Day Collection...

FREE Mother's Day Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Mom and Puppy Dog Mother's Day Coloring Page

Mother's Day Coloring Pages are a great way for kids to make their own card or gift for mom.  This collection includes pages for kids of all ages and adults too.  They are also a fun holiday activity, perfect for keeping younger kids busy while you are preparing for guests.  Don't put them away when the guest arrive.  Not only do the younger kids love them but you are sure to have a few adults coloring a Mother's Day masterpiece.

Just click on a link below for full size printable Mother's Day coloring pages.  Enjoy!

Adults ~ Older Kids

Unique Mugs ~ Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Mug

Unique Mugs make great gifts for your mother or mother in-law on Mother's Day. They are inexpensive and are memorable keepsakes that can be used and appreciated everyday of the year. There are many special "Mom" mugs but flowers, birds, the beach or any topic or hobby that your Mother enjoys would be a perfect theme for her special mug. The following are a few of my favorites...
This is my favorite every year...

Mother's Day Mug 

The following is printed on the mug: Front - Mom's Mug A gift from your favorite child. Inside - I know you love me best. Back - I love you mom! and I'm sorry your other kids aren't as awesome as me.

If you have a mom that loves everything beach, this next mug is perfect for her...
I also love flowers and gardens...

Wildflowers Mug by Susan Bourdet

This amazing mug features beautiful wildflowers and a humming bird.  It also has one of my favorite features, a small image on the inside rim.  I'm loving this mug so much!


I'm a horse crazy mother and could never have too many horse themed mugs. I love this mare and foal design for Mother's Day. If you have a mom with a similar horse problem, take a look at Horse Themed Mother's Day Gift Ideas. You will many great gifts for Horse Loving Mothers of all ages and riding disciplines.

FREE Chess Easter Clipart (Personal and Commercial Use)

Easter Bunny with Chess King and Queen
Free Chess Easter Clipart

This collection of FREE Chess Easter Clipart features kings, queens, pawns, Easter bunnies and colorful eggs.  A few of the images also feature the text Happy Easter and can be used as headers or page dividers.  All of the Clipart images below are PNGs with transparent backgrounds.  You can download any image by right clicking or opening in a new window and then saving to your computer.
Terms of use: The clipart below was created with images that are in the public domain.  They are available to be used for both personal and commercial projects, with no terms of use restrictions and can also be resized and modified.  If you need a FREE Image Editor try Paint.net.  It’s my favorite free editor and very easy to use.

For even more chess and holiday clipart take a look at the following:

Chess Chess Easter Bunny and Eggs
Cute Bunny Chess Easter Clipart

Easter Bunny with Chess King and Queen Clipart
Funny Bunny Chess Easter Clipart

Chess Queen Flower Easter Egg
Easter Chess Clipart ~ Queen with Orange Flower Egg

Chess Queen Easter Egg Clipart
Easter Chess Clipart ~ Queen with Pink Flower Egg

Happy Easter Chess Pieces Clipart
Happy Easter Chess Clipart

Happy Easter Chess King, Queen and Pawn Clipart
Cute Happy Easter Chess Clipart

Happy Easter and Chess Pawns Clipart
Happy Easter Chess Pawns Clipart

Countdown to Christmas with Advent Calendars Filled with Gifts, Toys and Candy

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with Fun Advent Calendars

The entire month of December is a holiday celebration for my family. We love decorating, holiday music, movies, food and special events.  One of our favorite family traditions is to countdown to Christmas using an advent calendar. However, this is not done with any old advent calendar.  I love advent calendars that hold gifts and candy. Take a look at some of my favorites...

Fill Your Own

These are my favorites.  They can be filled with candy but I especial love to fill them with small gifts... toys, jewelry, notes, crystals and other beautiful surprises.  I also love adding redeemable tickets for special favors or activities.

Santa Claus 24 Day Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree 24 Day Wooden Advent Calendar

Wooden Tree Advent Calendar

Pre-Filled for Kids ~ Toy, Activities and Jewelry

These fun Advent Calendars are a perfect way to countdown to Christmas with kids.  Take a look below to find LEGO, PLAYMOBIL, Crayola, Play-Doh and Pandora.

LEGO Winter City Advent Calendar

PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar - Santa's Workshop

Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Advent Calendar

Personalized Chess Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments

Personalized Chess King Crystal Ornament

I love to surround myself with unique decorations that are related to my hobbies. Chess is no exception and the winter holidays are the perfect time to give and yes, receive these treasures. Personalized ornaments make amazing, inexpensive, quality gifts and are an excellent addition to any Christmas tree. Take a look at a few of my favorites...

Chess, a Cat and Mouse Game

Personalized Chess Full Moon Cat and Mouse Game Metal Ornament
  Personalized Chess Full Moon Cat and Mouse Game Metal Ornament

Chess, a Cat and Mouse Game is my favorite for many reasons; it's my current chess theme, it looks amazing and I'm a fool for personalized.  I'm Christmas wishing this one for my tree.

Cute Santa Kings with Gifts

Graduation, Class of... with Black Chess Pieces

Personalized Chess Graduation Ornament
  Personalized Chess Graduation Ornament

This is a perfect gift for any chess lover that has recently graduated from high school, college or any other schooling program.

White Chess Pieces on Blue Nebula Background

Personalized Blue Nebula Chess Ornament
  Personalized Blue Nebula Chess Ornament

This is a fun ornament for all chess lovers.  The white pieces look other worldly on the blue nebula background.

King and Queen Chess Pieces in Love

These are perfect for chess players in love.  There are two ornaments, one with black pieces and the other with white.  They each can be personalized with their names and year.

Cute Golden Autumn Happy Birthday Greeting Cards

This collection, of Happy Birthday greeting cards, features a beautiful warm golden autumn arrangement of pumpkins, a cornucopia, flowers and other fall decor.   Each card also has different cartoon animals.  One design has adorable woodland animals and the other two have a cute horse with a turkey.  The greeting can be modified and personalized but reads as follows...

Inside Greeting
Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday and 
Hoping all your Birthday Wishes come true!

They are perfect for birthdays during the Thanksgiving holiday season.  Just select any card to view additional details and edit.