Sports Themed Valentine's Day Exchange Cards for Kids

This collection, of Valentine's Day School Exchange Cards, is great for both boys and girls that love sports.  The sports theme also makes it little easier, for those that are uncomfortable with the gushy cards, to hand out Valentines.  There are a few different styles that feature baseball, football, soccer, basketball and skateboarding.  Take a look and find the perfect Valentine's Day cards for your young sports fans.

Folded Sports Balls ~ 24 Paper Activity Valentines This is such a fun set of Valentines.  First I love school exchange cards that provide an activity.  Being a sports fan myself makes these one of my favorite packs.  This set includes three different card styles; football, soccer and basketball.  Each card turns into a different game and that is where the magic happens.  Honestly, I still love to play and compete silly paper sports games.

16 Magnet Sport Ball Valentines This school exchange set includes 16 Valentines and matching magnet balls.  The magnets are awe…

Carpe Diem Love Valentine's Day Card and Gifts

Carpe Diem Love Skull n Crossbones Valentine's Day Card
This Valentine's Day card features the text Carpe Diem and Love on the front with a skull and crossbones background in shades of red and black.  The following is the greeting inside... I love you with all that I am
for the only viable thing in life is love... Happy Valentine's Day The back of the card features a small black and white, skull and crossbones with the text... Carpe Diem, Quam Minimum Credula Postero.

The Roman poet Horace wrote the famous Latin phrase, Carpe Diem, Quam Minimum Credula Postero in 23BC.  It is often translated as "Seize the Day, don't worry about the future".  The skull and crossbones background is a reminder that life is short.  The combination of this phrase, background and the fact that love is the greatest pleasure one can experience, can be translated to a modern meaning of...

Be present and enjoy your love today, while it is here, while you are alive.  Worrying about the fu…

FREE Disney Princess Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

These FREE Coloring Pages are the perfect activity for all little Disney Princess fans.  They feature Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine and Cinderella.  This is a great hand out for school, Valentine's Day parties or just some fun family coloring.  Just click the links below for a full size coloring page.
ArielAriel in heart frame with Happy Valentine's Day text
Ariel being held by Prince Eric
Ariel gazing at Prince Eric's image in a heart

AuroraAurora with pretty heart background

BelleBelle with the Beast giving her roses Belle walking with the Beast

CinderellaCinderella dancing with Prince Charming

Jasmine Jasmine holding a pretty heart
Jasmine with Aladdin gifting her flowers
Jasmine and Aladdin on magic carpet

Snow WhiteSnow White and the Prince giving her flowers Snow White and the Prince

The Best Santa Clause Beach Christmas Ornaments

Featured below is a fun collection of Santa Clause Beach Christmas Ornaments. There are many different styles and designs from cute to humorous.  You will find Santa building sandcastles, surfing, relaxing, gone swimming and participating in various beach activities.  There are also a few custom ornaments that can be personalized with a name and year.  These decorations are a great addition to any tree, a must have for beach themed tress and they make excellent gifts for your beach lovin' friends and family.  Take a look to find your favorites... Santa Relaxing with Tropical Drink Beach Christmas Ornament
Santa Kissing Tropical Fish Holiday Christmas Ornament

Shaka Surfing Santa Ornament 3"

Kurt Adler Glass Beach Santa Ornament, 4-Inch

Personalized Santa and Surfboards Beach Christmas Ornament by TheBeachBum

Santa Body Surfing Tropical Christmas Holiday Ornament

Personalized Cute Santa Beach Merry Christmas Ornament by TheBeachBum

Personalized Cute Santa Beach Christmas Ornament by

Merry Christmas Vintage Country Cat Greeting Card

Vintage Merry Christmas Country Cat Holiday Greeting Card This vintage Merry Christmas greeting card design features a charming black and white country cat wearing a red holiday bow.  The vintage style background has a beautiful arrangement of holly, snowflakes and stars.  The greeting inside reads "Wishing you Joy and Peace at Christmas and throughout the New Year".  It can easily be personalized or modified.  This design is also available on postcards, postage stamps, address labels and stickers.  You can find the entire collection at Merry Christmas Vintage Country Cat Collection.  I love the matching address labels and stamps...

Merry Christmas Vintage Country Cat Collection

Warmest Wishes Palm Trees Beach Christmas Collection

This Warmest Wishes Palm Trees Beach Holiday Collection features a festive arrangement of palm trees decorated with holiday Christmas lights.  Standing near the strand of palms is a pink flamingo wearing a Santa hat.  These decorated palms and holiday flamingo are set against a white and blue abstract palm tree and water design.  This design is available on greeting cards, address labels, postage stamps, ornaments and stickers.  The view the set take a look at Warmest Wishes Palm Trees Beach Holiday Collection.

Warmest Wishes Palm Trees Beach Holiday Collection

Cute Birds Under the Mistletoe Holiday Christmas Greeting Card

Red Birds and Mistletoe Vintage Holiday Christmas Greeting Card by TheCutieCollection This charming winter holiday greeting card features two cute red birds kissing under a vintage style mistletoe.  The greeting inside reads... "Wishing you peace, love, and joy this Holiday Season".  It's perfect for a couple of any age and can easily be modified and personalized.  Just select the card above to edit and view additional details.  This design is also available on a postcard...

Red Birds and Mistletoe Vintage Holiday Christmas Postcard by TheCutieCollection