Sports Themed Valentine's Day Exchange Cards for Kids

This collection, of Valentine's Day School Exchange Cards, is great for both boys and girls that love sports.  The sports theme also makes it little easier, for those that are uncomfortable with the gushy cards, to hand out Valentines.  There are a few different styles that feature baseball, football, soccer, basketball and skateboarding.  Take a look and find the perfect Valentine's Day cards for your young sports fans.
This is such a fun set of Valentines.  First I love school exchange cards that provide an activity.  Being a sports fan myself makes these one of my favorite packs.  This set includes three different card styles; football, soccer and basketball.  Each card turns into a different game and that is where the magic happens.  Honestly, I still love to play and compete silly paper sports games.

This school exchange set includes 16 Valentines and matching magnet balls.  The magnets are awesome for hanging in lockers.  There are four different designs; Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer.

This set includes 20 cards and is so cute for the little sports fans.  There are four different designs; Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.

32 Swag Sports Valentine Classroom Sharing Cards

Last but not least is a set of fun swag tattoo Valentine's.  These are sure to be a huge hit.  I mean everyone loves tattoos and then just add a little swag and you have Valentine's Day magic.  There are three different designs; Football, Basketball and Skateboarding.

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